Clearpath Checking Accounts

Don’t pay for a bank checking account, get a Clearpath checking. Clearpath checking accounts offer all the convenient services, as well as FREE Online Banking, Mobile & Text Banking, Bill Pay, and Visa Debit Card. All checking accounts are cleared through ChexSystems. Disclosures will be provided when you open your account. Contact us to get started.

"FREE" Checking Account Features:

    • Competitive Dividends are earned on balances of $2,000 and above
    • No minimum balance requirement
    • No per-check fees
    • Receive free temporary checks when opening a Checking account.  Gold accounts get one free box of standard checks every year and Platinum accounts get two free boxes of standard checks every year.  Other check styles are available for a fee.
    • Fee-free access at any CFCU ATM
    • Account access at thousands of nationwide Shared Branches
    • Surcharge-free account access at thousands of nationwide CO-OP ATMs
    • Free e-Statements make accessing account transactions 24/7 easy.
    • Free Online account access
    • Free e-Bill Pay
    • Free e-Check Images (online viewing of your cleared checks through Online Banking)
    • Free Phone Teller access


    • Like to bank at home?  On the road?  At work?  With CFCU’s eChecking, you can now do your banking anywhere.  Complete all your transactions electronically.  You may even qualify for a Checking Visa credit card. No minimum balance required for interest to be paid. Call us today.

Opportunity Checking – a chance to make a fresh start!

    • Had some past checking difficulties?  Reported to ChexSystems?  Clearpath may be able to help you re-establish your checking history.  For a small monthly fee you get a second chance to re-establish your checking privileges.
    • Everyone deserves a second chance...and that is why we offer "Second Chance" checking with ATM card privileges. You may qualify if you're unable to qualify for our regular checking account, due to a negative "ChexSystem" rating or excessive Non-Sufficient Funds check overdrafts. On request, your account may be converted to our no-monthly fee checking account if you keep it in "good standing" for 12 consecutive months.  There are no dividends on this account.

Cash Access – Reloadable Debit Card w/Online Bill Pay

    • RELOAD AND GO!  A reloadable Prepaid Visa Card Alternative to Checking!
    • Our new Cash Access Card lets you access your cash, pay your bills, and make Visa purchases – without a checking account!  The Cash Access account allows Debit card access to your money and is free with Direct Deposit and e-Statements.  All you have to do is reload it with your payroll direct deposit or make a deposit at a Network ATM or Branch and you’ll have a flexible, easy-to-use financial management tool.   See how much you can save with a Clearpath Cash Access Card.  (Most with ChexSystems records still qualify for this product since no credit score is required.)  See Schedule of Service Fees for pricing details.

Overdraft Protection (ODP) Service

  • If you have ever written a check (or used your Check Card) for more than was available in your Checking account, this service is for you.  It helps protect your check writing and Check Card usage privileges by automatically transferring funds from your Member Share Savings to pay checks and items that would otherwise be considered NSF (Non-Sufficient Funds).  With your written consent, we can also transfer from your Money Market, Visa or Cash Line Account.

With ODP, you will:

  • Select from which CFCU account(s) the funds will be transferred
  • Pay a low transfer fee per check each time funds are transferred from available funds on specified accounts
  • Avoid the risk and embarrassment of costly merchant and financial institution fees.

Courtesy Pay Service

  • This service helps if you make an honest mistake in your checkbook, have unplanned expenses, run short on cash between paydays, or don´t have funds available in accounts for automatic transfer through our ODP service. Instead of returning items unpaid, CFCU may automatically pay them, up to your Courtesy Pay limit.
  • To qualify, your Checking account must be open for a minimum of 60 days with Direct Deposit and maintain your account in good standing. Our standard Courtesy Pay program is offered at our discretion for a fee and it does not require your affirmative consent for checks, ACH items, or recurring debits. However, you must “Opt In” if you want us to cover transactions such as ATM and one-time debit card (Check Card) transactions.

 Check Card

 You'll always want to have this handy three-in-one piece of plastic. It's a convenient way to pay using the credit (signature based) or debit (PIN based) option anywhere Visa® is accepted, and serves as an ATM card. You can also use it as a debit card at any STAR SYSTEM®, PLUS® or INTERLINK Point-of-Sale location (third-party fees may apply). All transactions are deducted from your CFCU checking account. As long as you have the funds in your Checking account, the maximum daily withdrawals are $500 (PIN-based transactions) and $2,500 (signature-based transactions).

 Call us to apply for a card.

 "Verified by Visa®" Secures Your Online Transactions

 Before you shop online, be sure to register for a FREE "Verified by Visa®" Password. Whenever you use the Password with your CFCU Visa® Card or Check Card during online purchases at participating merchants, you'll be protected against unauthorized online use of your card. Click to access the "Verified by Visa®" FAQ page. 

 Check Card Usage Tips

 ü  If your Debit or ATM card is lost, stolen, or you suspect it has been fraudulently used, immediately call (800) 680-0915

ü  Your new Check Card PIN will arrive in a secure envelope within 5 business days after you receive your Card. To activate the Card, call (800) 680-0915.

 ü  Keep your receipts in a safe, consistent place

 ü  Memorize your PIN and keep it private ... never give it to anyone

 ü  Know your approximate Checking Account balance; use PhoneTeller or Online Banking for information

 ü  Always notate your Check Card transactions in your paper or electronic checkbook.

 ü  If you use a Check Card at hotels, car rental agencies, or some other merchants, be aware they are allowed to "pre-authorize" amounts equal to anticipated charges. This puts a hold on your Checking Account for that amount and you will not have access to that amount until the merchant removes the pre-authorization. This same pre-authorization has always been allowed with Visa credit cards, where a portion of your credit line is not available until the pre-authorization is removed.

 ü  Some merchants (like department stores) may use their "Charge Card Imprinter" device to process your Check Card transaction, by making an imprint of your card on a charge card receipt form (funds are still withdrawn from your Checking Account).