Dream Savings

Have a future savings goal in mind but not enough to start a Savings Certificate?  Get started with Clearpath’s Dream Savings.  A Dream Savings account pays a higher dividend rate on balances up to $1,000.  Start saving for your dreams with a small payroll deduction or have us set up an automatic transfer today.

Dream Club Certificate

Our Dream Club looks like a Holiday Club/Savings Certificate but has the ease of automatic payroll deposit with a time and penalty commitment to help meet you meet your Savings goal.   Dividends accumulate and are paid at maturity. Start saving now for holidays, vacation, emergencies, or your home of the Future, and have peace of mind.   It usually matures November 15 and gets transferred to your savings account.  The best part is that the name and maturity date can be customized by you.  Let it work for you to achieve your dream.  Call us today.

Clearly Better Certificates

Clearly Better Certificates gets you terms from 3 to 60 months, a competitive dividend rate, and the option to take advantage of a one-time “bump-up” of your rate on any certificate term of 12 months or longer.  Jumbo rates are also available