Share or Certificate Secured Loan

This is when you give or pledge your CFCU savings to secure a personal loan.  You may ask, “Why would I borrow the money if I already have it saved up?”  By using your money as collateral, you get an excellent loan interest rate, but more importantly you don’t have to rebuild your savings balance.  It’s still there when you get done paying off your loan, assuming you do not withdraw.

Pay-Day Alternative Loan

Our “PAL” loan is here when you need a helping hand or want to try and establish a credit history.  It is a fixed amount of $1000 and has a maximum repayment term of 12 months.  How does this help you to establish credit or rebuild your credit standing if you have had problems in the past?  CFCU loans you $1,000, but deposits $500 of the loan proceeds into a Share savings account to get you started on building a back up savings plan for future needs or emergencies.  This keeps you from going to those high-interest payday lenders that can charge you 500% interest on your next loan.  After you pay off your CFCU loan, you still have the $500 in your Share account.  We recommend you take the monthly payment amount after your loan is paid in full and start a direct deposit to your Share account.  We bet you won’t even miss the money since you were able to make the monthly loan payment.


Choice Loan

(Signature loan) is an unsecured loan for things like bill consolidations, vacations, furniture, medical expenses, Christmas expenses and much, much more. The maximum amount is based on your verified income and your FICO credit score and up to policy limit.

Cash Line Account (CLA)

Allows you to cover unexpected expenses.  Use this revolving line of credit when you need to transfer funds directly from the CLA to your CFCU Checking or Share account by phone, home banking, or at one of our branches.  Also, you can call us and have a check mailed to you.  This product can also be set up as an “overdraft protection” for your Clearpath FCU draft checking account.