Second Trust Deed

We offer very competitive second trust deed loans on primary residences to members who need to do home improvements or complete house repairs, install a swimming pool, new roof or patio.  You name it, your home is your biggest asset and over time it needs attention. Clearpath is here to help you with one of our very competitive loan products.


 Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC)

Secured by a second trust deed, or if your home is paid for, a first trust deed, the HELOC product is perfect for members who will be sending a son or daughter off to college and may need to draw funds over time.  This product allows you to only use what you need and you only pay interest on the balance owing.  The payment is based on the balance at the time of disbursement.  Later, if you need to draw more funds all you have to do is transfer the money through home banking or give us a call to get a check mailed to you. 


 First Trust Deed Loans

Clearpath Federal Credit Union offers conventional mortgage loans on primary residences for the purposes of purchasing a new home, refinancing an existing home loan to get a better interest rate and/or term, or to take cash out for home improvements or bill consolidation.