We offer members with our Checking Account, several ways to protect their account from accidently coming up short when a check is presented for payment.  Check out both the Overdraft Protection and Courtesy Pay Services which one or both to see how much protection you want to have ready when you need it.

Overdraft Protection (ODP) Service

If you have ever written a check (or used your Check Card) for more than was available in your Checking account, then sign up for ODP.  This service helps protect your check writing and Check Card usage privileges by automatically transferring funds from your Member Share Savings, Money Market, or  Cash Line Account to pay checks and items that would otherwise be considered NSF (Non-Sufficient Funds).

With ODP, you will:

§  Select from which CFCU account(s) the funds will be transferred

§  Pay a low transfer fee per check each time funds are transferred from available funds on specified accounts

§  Avoid the risk and embarrassment of costly merchant and financial institution fees

Courtesy Pay Service

This service helps if you make an honest mistake in your checkbook, have unplanned expenses, run short on cash between paydays, or don´t have funds available in accounts for automatic transfer through our ODP service. Instead of returning items unpaid, CFCU may automatically pay them, up to your Courtesy Pay limit.

To qualify, your Checking account must be open for a minimum of 60 days with Direct Deposit and maintain your account in good standing. Our standard Courtesy Pay program is offered at our discretion for a tiered service fee and it does not require your affirmative consent for checks, ACH items, or recurring debits. However, you must “Opt In” and select other services you want us to cover, such as ATM and one-time debit card (Check Card) transactions.  Just call us to set up the transaction types you want covered.