Think like a winner and start your Plan for your specials goals or for your childrens’ savings or college savings account.

1.      Set your goal per payroll, per week, per month, or per year and your maturity or target.

2.      Change your Direct Deposit to go to Savings.

3.      Decide what kind of savings product would best suit your needs – Dream Club for the Holidays, Money Market for easy access, or a Savings Certificate for longer term.

4.      Go Online and open a “secondary account” or call a Financial Services Representative.

5.      You can have up to 5 sub-savings accounts, each with a customized name.

6.      Ask a Financial Services Representative to set up an automatic transfer from your Savings for the amount and frequency of transfer.  Your can even have multiple transfers to your account or related family accounts.

7.      Watch your Savings grow closer to your Dream!

If you have any questions, just call us at (800) 433-7328 option 2 – we want to help you be a winner!